Post Match Report: FC Barcelona vs Alaves

by - August 27, 2017

I don't know if it's right to say but Messi had a poor game today. His dribbling in most of the places were not accurate and he gave the ball far too many times. That can be because of the old pair of legs but I know he'll be better. For me, Deulofeu had a good game. He needs to work on creating space for himself and he'll be there. Still a lot to
improve. Denis, on the other hand, shoots unnecessarily. He even shoots when there are enough options to pass. But, a good dribbler of the ball. He should be given more playing time now.

For me the man of the match for Barcelona has to be either Busquets or Ter Stegen but Stegen had not much to do. No questions over this. Alba was okay. Pique was vulnerable sometimes and Rakitic was good today. Iniesta had a very good performance
but as the commentator said: He is getting old. Umtiti was spot on, we have a good ball playing defender. Sergi Roberto was better in his last game.

By: Abhi Subedi

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