The Wantaways!

by - August 19, 2017

I feel compelled to congratulate Southampton on making their stand but question whether it really is the right thing to do. This summer’s transfer window seems to have been dominated by wantaway players and clubs deciding to hold on to their ‘assets’ despite big money being on offer. It’s a very fine line between ballsy and reckless.
He’s no doubt one of the better defenders in the league but if teams really are willing to pay upwards of £60m for Virgil van Dijk I would be inclined to sell him. He clearly doesn’t want to stay and having the constant distraction of a miserable star 'rotting in the reserves’ is never healthy for a team.

Southampton have made some smart moves in recent transfer windows but they’ve not invested heavily this summer and it if they want to make the jump from mid table to challenging for Europe that squad needs an extra sprinkling of quality. It would seem odd to sell your best player to get better but in this case two £30 million additions could be just what they need. The situation at Arsenal however is a different kettle of fish, Wenger also seems hell bent on keeping hold of players who want out and are 12 months away from leaving for free. Keeping Alexis Sanchez for the last year of his contract may cost the club financially but the impact he can have on the team this season far out ways the benefit of another £40/50/60 million in the bank. Bear in mind that at 28 his next contract will probably cover his inevitable decline as a player and is a risk in itself, it’s the right call. The same can’t be said for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who, for all the talent in the world, is unable to consistently perform and has seemingly decided he’s good enough to play in central midfield despite not being able to nail down a position at wing back. Supposedly turning
down £35 million seems ludicrous even in the current market, add in the fact that Ozil, Gibbs and Wilshere are also potentially walking for nothing next year I can’t quite make sense of this one either.

No one likes to lose good players, especially to a rival team, but sometimes the head should rule the heart. I’ve come to the conclusion that Spurs should sell Danny Rose and reinvest the money in the team. However, I don’t mean in new signings, I think the club should use a good chunk of that money (£110-£120m) in giving the star players a 25-30% pay bump.
They could use the money to sign 2-3 players but I can’t think of a single one who would be guaranteed to improve the team.
New signings are always a risk. Rose will be a loss but Trippier is equally exciting in attack and Ben Davies is a solid replacement for Rose on the left.
Sign a promising youngster as cover for Ben Davies and work on bringing him through the ranks but the majority of money should go to the players who have done such a fantastic job so far rather than gambling on the likes of Ross Barkley.

It may seem like a radical approach but I actually think it would be a very sensible one. Keeping the star players happy and paying them their current value in wages is worth far more than any new signing in my opinion.

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