Wenger Plans and Sanchez's Future

by - August 20, 2017

There’s a massive flaw in Wenger’s plan to keep Sanchez, hoping that he delivers in sporting terms for the remainder of his contract to make up for the loss of any fee they might get this summer. From January Sanchez will be able to negotiate with other teams.

It’s likely that his agent has already started all this work and if City really are the team he wants to join there’s a pretty good chance terms are already close to being agreed. Sanchez just needs to keep his head down, stay fit and not put on any horror shows until January so that City don’t pull out. Assuming it’s all agreed in January then Sanchez will not need to perform to the best of his abilities in order to get a move, as Wenger has suggested, he just needs to avoid serious injury. Wenger may well be forfeiting a tasty fee for 4/5 months work.

Now I’m not suggesting that Sanchez will behave like this, merely that he could and wouldn’t have any motivation not too other than professionalism and personal ambition (he may be desperate for the Europa League). Indeed Sanchez seems like a very professional, hardworking player and I expect he will probably give his all for Arsenal while he’s there. But keeping any player in the last year of their contract opens up the possibility that they may not give 100%.

And just to add to that scenario, this is a season leading into a World Cup. Assuming Chile qualify (they are in the qualification places at the moment) then Sanchez is going want to be fit for that. He’ll be 33 if Chile make Qatar in 2022 so this is realistically his last World Cup in his prime. If he signs with another club in January is he going to be more interested in an (probably ill fated) assault on the Europa League or keeping himself away from getting injured before the World Cup? Again I actually think Alexis will probably give his all for Arsenal because he strikes me as that sort of player. But it wouldn’t be unprecedented for a top player to try and protect themselves as the season progresses going into a World Cup.

By: Abhi Subedi

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