Why Barca fans need to keep calm after the departure of Neymar ?

by - August 04, 2017

There is a panic among Barca fans now. Most of them are now nonplussed after Neymar move to PSG become official and have already started to worry about their transfer targets.

People need to behave here. Here is why.

1. No need to talk about Neymar here. He is a PSG player. Its not our concern that he will be flop or hit. The boat is already sailed.

2. Don't trigger yourself with the future arrivals. Its already August. One thing is sure that Neymar delaying his PSG deal affected our transfer. This affected our transfer target and priority. You can't sign key players of top teams when the league is going to start in a week. You need top level negotiation to pull those deals. Like PSG announced Ney today and Culers already want Dybala or Dembele after 3 hours. This is not going to happen. Surely , Juve ain't giving up Dybala just because Barca need someone with high profile to replace Neymar.

3. There are numerous media house and they will try to bulk up their sales. And you can't sell your paper by linking up Inaki Williams or Niang when Neymar is leaving. You need to put Hazard , Dembele , Dybala and Coutinho there. Its up to you to spot reliable or clickbait.

4. There is always obligation for big clubs like Barca to replace outgoing star with player of similar charisma. And to pull those deal , you need time. Surely , the club don't want to give headline that reads ,"Barcelona replaced Neymar with 20M signing Jean Seri." 

Keep calm. Club is working on transfers. And these things need time. This is not your FIFA or PES. Surely , Barca is not going to play a whole season with incomplete squad depth.

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