Mourinho's tactical delusion

by - September 29, 2017

I didn’t understand the need of Marouane Fellaini being played by Manchester United, when they had Ander Herrera in the side. Both players can operate from the same position, but Fellaini opts to operate from a deeper role, while Herrera presses the opponent and also stays back to counter the

Man Utd fans are crazy creatures, really like very very crazy creatures, Jose Mourinho is feeding them bullshi*s and they don’t get it, they accept what he shows, it’s what they see. Fellaini has been performing better than the last season, but his role allowed Southampton to dominate the midfield and prevent united from a quick counter. Also, in the match against Everton, Fellaini was just so defensive. No linkups with the forwards and no box-to box operations. I understand he’s not a box-to-box midfielder, but he’s not a defensive one either. No team in the world plays with two defensive midfielders and it’s not how it works. Fellaini was more like a central midfielder, but stays back.

I should appreciate Pellegrino’s tactics and how Southampton played even if they lost. Fellaini is good when it comes to countering the oppositions’ long balls and, but Southampton played so much better in the wide areas, but it was Phil Jones and Eric Bailly who killed their attacks. Very precisely, and certainly the two best players on the pitch, with David De Gea. In the Champions League match in Moscow now, Pogba’s absence was not that big. Ander Herrera can play as a central midfielder and the problem’s not that big for them. United sat so deep and needed a central player to bring the ball out and drive forward and this is the best thing Pogba does. His passing frees Lukaku and he can bang goals, from anywhere he wants, anywhere. But, certainly not while Fellaini playing. He just sits back and slows the game. And, United fans will likely abuse me for this, but I hate that guy. No personal or
footballing reasons against my club, but I just hate the way he plays. Utterly useless.

Coming to the point again, Fellaini just doesn’t have the creativeness in his game, so Matic, a defensive midfielder, was doing a two-men job until Herrera came in for Mkhyi. Herrera is not that effective player, and not certainly than Pogba, but he’ll operate the central pairing until it’s time for Pogba to come back. Fellaini can be an option if the opposition go for one late encounter. Herrera-Matic isn’t as effective with Pogba, but at least not as spongy as Fellaini-Matic. The match against Saints was a complete definition of a good and solid defensive organization United played this season, but I don’t think United can be able to hold out as well as they did against them. It can’t always continue. I wonder what will they do against the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City or even Tottenham. These are serious problems.

Written by Abhi Subedi.

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