What went wrong with Chelsea FC?

by - February 07, 2018

Conte has his faults no doubt but Chelsea is a difficult club to manage. The Chelsea board have proven consistently that they can't manage success for every season they do well, they struggle strangely the next eventually they sack the manager amazingly only one manager (Since the Abrahimovic era) has had back to back success with them, the GOAT Jose.

Another thing to note is their policy in letting players go, on paper there is nothing wrong with that but it often collides with the manager's which shows the manager appears not in control or has less say in their transfer policy. Some weeks ago Conte made a statement, a lot overlooked it but I felt that was Conte saying the board is doing what they like in his words "I am not involved in the recruitment of players" now that is a darning remark to say the least and Conte might as well be throwing subliminal shots at the Chelsea board.

When you consider players Chelsea have been linked to recently Carroll, Crouch and recently 32yr old Dzeko, you just have to agree something is wrong somewhere whether it's Conte, the board or both.There have been some arguments that Chelsea are trying to cut down on costs but they have spent over 200million pounds on Zappacosta, Morata, Bakayoko, Drinkwater, Rudiger and Barkley but the real question is,Are these players their first choices? The season is still far and Chelsea could as well end up with a trophy but for a club that have set a high standard in terms of winning trophies they need to put their house in order.

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