Mourinho's tactical dilemma in full thrive

by - March 12, 2018

The thing about Manchester United is they are a big side, always can do things that other clubs only can dream of. But, what I don’t like United after Sir Alex Ferguson left is ‘Failure to get the right candidate’ for the managerial post.

As we all know, United is a club who plays attacking football, slick passing and always prefers two wide players with compact and solid center midfielders (DM included). But, it’s not the same with Jose Mourinho. I think he has been limiting United to just defensive prospects, no attacking intent when they go a goal down or two.

The same thing was seen when they conceded a goal yesterday against Newcastle. Jose was playing as if he had secured a two or a three goal lead, and failing to push men forward, which is very rare when you have conceded middle in the second half. Likewise, United’s defending is so good, can stop anyone on their day and has a solid flexibility when offering the central midfielders an extra space to build the attack.

Jose has been limiting United to attacking anomalies, though. This is a time when United should be competing against City on all quarters, but the thing they are doing is letting City thrive even forward, and give Spurs and Liverpool extra motivation to get near them. Okay, we can talk about how crazily City has been spending, be it needed ones or crazy money, but they are building a team, a team for the future. And, just complaining about the spending won't give you titles.

So, United should concentrate on what they are ought to do and what should be done. It’s a need of the situation when you’ve got enough players on your ranks and you still can do nothing about it. Playing a player of Paul Pogba’s caliber beside Matic is limiting his potential and creating instability with the team. What I feel is United should be getting a good central midfielder, a controller, if that pleases. And, you have Matic, who is one of the best defensive midfielders in this current situation, and play Pogba in the middle of the 3 in 4-2-3-1, or a free role.

And, talking about attack is absolutely unworthy as far as Jose is concerned, always have been a critic of him, but what he has been doing with United is really sad. Why do you keep on playing Alexis Sanchez from the left, when he has been so good in the right? Martial can play on the left as well as Rashford. You can have Rashford in the middle of the attacking midfielders and still do good.

A big homework is needed, Jose. Otherwise, it’s the beginning of the end.

Written by Nepal Republic Media's online correspondent, Abhi Subedi.
Facebook:- Abhi Subedi (Whovian)
Twitter:- @AbhiSubediFCB

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