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Mero Football is a blog that provides the recent updates of World Football including match reports, player's stats, FIFA ranking, facts, football records and expert analysis.

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Madan Neupane
Madan Neupane was born and raised in Syangja, a hilly region of Nepal. He graduated from highschool in 2016 from Pioneers' Academy, where he was majoring in Biology.  Although he is a Biology student he is also interested in technology and internet stuffs. His interest in blogging began during the leisure time he had after completion of his highschool level. He has an enthusiasm for almost all sorts of sport. But he is really passionate about the football. For quite a few years now, he has been a FC Barcelona supporter. With encouragement of his (foreign) friends, he started blogging about football and named the blog title "Mero Football" to share his views on this internationally loved game. Now he has a dream of leading this blog to a franchise business in future.
Twitter: @its_madan
Email: madanonbusiness@gmail.com

Managing editor:

Prashish Gurung
Prashish Gurung is a seventeen years old football fan who fell in love with this beautiful game as soon as he got ball rolling through his feet. Being a Liverpool fan he is a good football critic who won't let pass the poor play of a professional. He began writing as an hobby and loves to write about football and fans whenever he have time for himself. he is a typical Asian fan who cannot afford to reach to stadium and cheer for his team but certainly enjoys watching the play by getting up at midnight \ not caring about anything other.
Facebook: Prashish Grg

Contributing writers:

Nekzad Bajan
Nekzad Bajan is a Manchester United fan and by general, a huge football fan. He is mainly a Fantasy Premier League writer and love writing fantasy pieces the most. He started his FPL journey last season and is continuing this season too. Since the past one year or so, football has played a major part of his life and this year it took another turn as he started by writing journey. Always ready to help anyone if it's football. Cheers! 
Twitter: @nekzaDd
Facebook: Nekzad Bajan
Instagram : @nekzad_mufc 

Jon Ellis
Jon Ellis, a 51 years old Chelsea fan who moved to Lancashire in 2005. Taken by his father regularly to Stamford Bridge during the 1970's he has experienced plenty of highs and lows following The Blues. When he's not attending one of their matches he enjoys writing about them. A graduate of Imperial College, London he has travelled to at least 3 corners of the world. Jon has recently started to compile a list of key Chelsea matches / events he attended over the last 40 years in preparation for writing a book. A regular writer for Mero Football and the Chelsea Fancast.
Twitter: @ClitheroeBlue

Arpan Saha
Arpan Saha, a 17 year old Real Madrid fan who have been living in Kolkata, a city where people worship the game of football, since birth. Currently studying in Class-XI in Aditya Academy Secondary. He has seen Real Madrid grow in Jose Mourinho's time, understanding the team's limit in Ancelotti's years and fall apart in Benitez's time. Seen the team's successes and failures. In either of the situations he has been faithful to the club. Loves doing any football related activities may it be playing, gaming or writing. Arpan tries dealing with the present day Madrid games and not emphasis much on the clubs history. Cristiano Ronaldo is his idol. An admirer of Leo Messi, James Rodriguez and Antonie Griezman. Keeps a note on every Real Madrid matches. Watches them by staying awake at night. A new writer for Mero Football.
Facebook: Arpan Saha

FPL Conqueror
FPLConqueror is a passionate Fantasy Premier League manager who has a love of all things FPL related and football in general.
Twitter: @FPLConqueror

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